24th Oct

Weekly Email 23/10

"Dia dhaoibh go Léir a chaired/Hello everyone,What time is it? Monday at 9:01am baybee, so it’s time for another round of pride news!GAYMESThe Pride/Games society collab Gaymes will be on again Tuesday (October 24th) at 6pm, upstairs in the John Hume building in JHT1 and JHT2, so come by and have a bit of craic with board games, Jackbox (with maybe the new one there :O) and chill vibes. (To find these rooms, you go up the stairs to floor 1, then turn to the right and go past lecture room 1). We have a sign pointing towards the rooms in case you're not sure. :)Tea 4 TeaWe’ll be hosting the Pride coffee morning once again this Wednesday (October 25th) at 10am-12pm in the Students Union Info Centre (near the Phoenix building, it’s where you got goodie bags from orientation). Whether you're a coffee, tea, or biscuit enthusiast it's a nice chill time for everyone. Make sure to bring a reusable cup if you can, and to have a chill time.Book club!!We're bringing the pride soc book club back again! We also have a book this time! The picture of Dorian Gray! Exclamation mark! We’ll be having the first book club meeting on Thursday at 6pm in JHL7 in John Hume (To find JHL7 you go up the stairs in John Hume, then walk to the left past JHL5, and JHL6 to the room). Just to note that we'll be reading during the event and not before, so you can do it casually! (We're reading a book not doing an assignment smh) Attached is a file that looks eerily like a copy of the book… no reason… Hopefully we’ll see ye there for some chill vibes and literacyness!Once again, that's another email, and once again, that’s all from ourselves!Le Bród/With Pride,-------Seán KERRIGAN (He/They),Secretary,Maynooth University Pride Society"

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