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About Women in STEM Society

Maynooth University Women In STEM Society focuses on celebrating and empowering Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) related subjects in Maynooth University. We host and promote many events throughout the Semester such as panel discussions from companies, chill nights and more. We also have mentorship programs, career talks and many more opportunities for networking.

* We are open to hear and include diverse underrepresented groups such as POC (people of colour), the LGBTQ+ community, and women as a whole in our activities. To strive to encourage a wider and more diverse group of individuals to engage in and pursue STEM activities. As well become more confident about engagement in STEM activities.

* Value the mental health of students, particularly students part of the LGBTQ+ and POC communities

* To include students from more diverse backgrounds to vocalise their ideas on developing the society, as well as be an official part of the society

*To encourage them to speak up about societal issues such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ and become more confident about their choice to pursue STEM. Also become more confident about engagement in STEM activities.

*Women In STEM enhances pathways that engage underrepresented women in quality STEM programs and education. We seek to ensure that all women from diverse backgrounds are represented and given equal opportunities.

In 2012, underrepresented minority women received 11.2% of bachelor's degrees in science and technology, 8.2% of master's degrees and 4.2% in doctorate degrees, all in science and Engineering. (Source: FACT SHEET: Advancing Equity for Women and Girls of Colour by Obamawhitehouse.archives.gov )

This society does not end at increasing the numbers of women in STEM careers. However, it is an achievable goal to ensure that underrepresented minority women are equally engaged in STEM programs. 


*Out of the top 10 technology companies in Ireland only one of the CEO’s is female.

*13% of 2018 Engineering graduates are Women (Engineers Ireland, 2019)

*Currently in the UK only 17% of Jobs in the Technology sector are held by women (Source: Facts from Business in the Community FactSheet).

*13% of the UK’s STEM workforce are female (Source: WISE Report).

*In 2016 16.7% of students enrolled in ICT (Tech careers) in the European Union were female and 16.1% of those working in ICT were female (Source: CSminds).

Women In Stem seeks to bridge the gap between men and Women in the STEM careers. Let's believe in ourselves and we can do it!

Women in STEM Society COVID-19 Officer
Jessica Connolly (Chairperson)
Current Committee 7
Chairperson Jessica Connolly
Vice Chairperson Janela Trexy Aquino
Secretary Augustina Yeboah Gyebi
Diversity & Inclusion Officer Ashley Ogiamien
Founder and Advisor Tzirath
Outreach Officer Emma Harris

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