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About Mental Health Society

MU Mental Health Society is a society based around breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging important conversations to happen. We're all about having the chats, spreading positive vibes, encouraging each other and learning a bit together too. We put on several events a week including our weekly event "Creative Coffee" which, much like us, is all about self care. We drink tea/coffee, eat biscuits, and do a bit of art & crafts while we have the chats. Its all about taking time out from a daunting college environment to unwind and look after oneself. Creative Coffee also provides a welcoming space for when folks are tired, lonely, anxious or just fancy a bit of innocent fun. The community feeling is amazing. Other events through the year are very varied. There are some guerrilla style campaigns on campus such as "Random Acts of Kindness" where we descend on busy parts of campus to give out compliments and treats and just to make people feel good about themselves. We do free breakfast during busy study times, bakesales, quirky themed events and collaborations, and we campaign to promote self-care and self-love/kindness. We also address mental health topics in more serious ways with campaigning to reduce stigma and to promote understanding. We run informative and engaging talks and workshops. On top of this, we run an annual-day long-mental health conference! Our lil' slogan is #UnleashTheElephant as we wish to address the elephant in the room which is our health - something we all deal with but don't strictly talk about. Join our supportive, engaging and passionate group to be part of one of the most active societies on campus! We can't wait to meet you... :) SOME HELPLINES AND RESOURCES TO NOTE: 1800 793 793 MU Counselling: 01 708 3554 MU Chaplaincy: 01 708 3469 MU Health Centre: 01 708 3878 Campus Security: 01 708 3929 116 123 1890 3030 302 Pieta House: 01 601 0000 1800 778 888 1890 200 444 LGBT+ Helpline: 1890 929 538 1890 622 212 Crisis Pregnancy: Text 'LIST' to 50444

Current Committee 8
President jessica
Secretary Zilan Michaela Waters
VP/Secretary Shauna(She/Her)
PRO Mark Nolan
Public Relations Officer Roisin Cormack
Fundraising Officer Lisa Gallagher
Post-Grad Rep Leesa Flynn
Second Year Rep Andrea Pownall

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