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Mental Health Society


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About Mental Health Society

Hi everyone and welcome to the Mental Health Society! We are a society for anyone who has an interest in Mental Health or who believes Mental Health is a topic worth talking about. Our solan is "unleash the elephant", as when our society was created oner ten years ago we felt that Mental Health was the elephant in the room - the thing everyone knew existed but no one wanted to talk about - and we wanted to get people talking. Over the last few years I think we have began to move the elephant out, but there's still a lot more work to be done!

Our society has a bit of everything - so there really is something for everyone! Our three main aspects are social, education and advocacy. 

Our social aspect involves creating a community of friendly faces and helping hands! We have regular meet-ups with tea, coffee and biscuits along with different activities. The activities range from quirky events, collaborations with other societies, walks around campus, arts and crafts and more! We aim to create a space where we can all get a break from the hustle and bustle of campus life and make some friends. Also included is our 'Random Acts of Kindness' which we carry out for all the students on campus to brighten their day (helped by our amazing sub committee of Baby Elephants which you can join any time!) and our Retreat, which is a yearly trip away from the college to do lots of different activities and have a great time!

Education involves the more serious side of mental health and includes providing mental health literature at all our events, guest speakers, workshops and trainings. We do workshops on all things from meditation and yoga to information on specific mental illnesses. We also work with the HSE to provide a number of trainings and provide the most up to date info for all our students, including any free resources nationally or in Maynooth!

Finally, one of our roles as a mental health society is to work to improve mental health services for all of you! This includes fundraising for mental health charities, and lobbying both the University and the Government to provide better services. Whether that means getting information from our members on what they're missing or petitioning for better services of all kinds in Maynooth, we are always working to improve mental health services for our members and students in general!

Our society is for everyone, whether you've struggled with mental health yourself, know a friend or family member who has or just think mental health is worth talking about! Mental health is something we all have, just like physical health, and its something we all should be looking after! 

Don't forget, this is YOUR society, so if there's anything you think we should be doing, please send us on a message and let us know and we'll do our best to do it! Our instagram and twitter handles are @mhsmaynooth and our Facebook page is 

Finally, here are some helplines and resources should you ever need them!: 1800 793 793

MU Counselling: 01 708 3554

MU Chaplaincy: 01 708 3469

MU Health Centre: 01 708 3878

Campus Security: 01 708 3929 116 123 1890 3030 302

Pieta House: 01 601 0000 1800 778 888 1890 200 444

LGBT+ Helpline: 1890 929 538 1890 622 212

Crisis Pregnancy: Text 'LIST' to 50444

Current Committee 13
President Shauna(She/Her)
President jessica
Secretary Jennifer Kirby
Treasurer Charlotte Twaddle
Public Relations Officer SHAZNY MC NALLY
Vice President Sarah Ryan
Deputy Events Officer Kirsten
Men's mental health rep Cathal Owens
PRO Mark Nolan
Second Year Rep ALANNAH
Treasurer Oisin McGovern
Welfare Officer Leesa Flynn

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