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The aims of the Society shall be to share and celebrate African and culture amongst the students of Maynooth University, to encourage people of all cultural backgrounds to express their interest in African culture through the exhibition of art, music, dance, debates, politics, and entertainment providing everyone with the opportunity to fully immerse them in such a rich and vibrant culture. The Africa Society will not only provide a social aspect within the society but a strong supportive network. We not only aim to encourage equality and diversity within the society but within the university by organizing events hosted by us to showcase our culture. The Africa Society seeks to celebrate all that is African and endorse a positive and empowering image of ethnicity it s all about coming together and being proud of our roots and sharing it with others.

Africa Society COVID-19 Officer
Guichy Malongo (Secretary)
Current Committee 5
President (name hidden)
Vice President Titi Islamiat Balogun
Secretary Guichy Malongo
Treasurer Emmanuel
Ordinary Committee Member (name hidden)

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