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A world for the billions, not the billionaires

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We stand for the socialist alternative to the dictatorship of the markets, namely real democracy whereby ordinary people take centre stage in running society, with democratic public ownership of banks, of key sectors of the economy and industry, and a democratic plan of the economy to provide for the needs of people. We organise discussion groups, take part in and organise protests and information stalls here on campus. Our key focus for the past years has been the issue of the 8th amendment and the housing crisis. With the magnificent victory of the REPEAL movement, a global rise of the feminist revolt against all oppression in society there's now a real potential for a challenge to the capitalist system of exploitation. We want you to join the Socialist Party Society; every new member can play a huge role. Join us today and do your part to end austerity, inequality, injustice, oppression and the enriching of a tiny billionaire global elite, while the hopes, dreams and rights of the majority of humanity are trampled on by capitalism.

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