We are normal and can be trusted with chemicals

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About PhysChem

Black holes, quantum mechanics, x-rays, nuclear fusion, liquid nitrogen, supernovae, special relativity, rocket science, all of biology, all of engineering, none of sociology, metaphysics, particle accelerators, cosmology, applied philosophy, stargazing, ooblek!

If you like those things ^ then you either like physics and chemistry, or you haven't figured out that you like physics and chemistry yet (there's still time for you!)

Join us for pub quizzes, guest speakers, networking, museum trips, food, stargazing, and to talk about all things in the study of matter.

Current Committee 11
Chairperson Naoise(They/Them)
Vice Chairperson Martina Nowotny(They/Them)
Secretary Tim
Public Relations Officer (name hidden)
Chemistry Officer ESZTER
Events Officer OISIN DAVEY(He/Him)
Ordinary Committee Member BEN ANTHONY DOYLE
Ordinary Committee Member AARON DUNNE
Ordinary Committee Member ENRIC PURSALS HEINE
Ordinary Committee Member COLM MC ELWAIN(He/Him)

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