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Aikido Club Your spirit is the true shield
Airsoft Airsoft, leave paintball for the kids birthda
American Football Maynooth University Hurricanes
Aquatics Swimming, Lifesaving and Waterpolo.
Archery Club Don't nock it 'til you try it!
Athletics Club Winning is a habit, Success is a choice  
Badminton Club
Basketball Club  
Boxing Club Train hard, fight easy.  
Chess Club Meet ups every Wednesday (2019)
Equestrian Club
Fencing Club Excellence is not a skill, but an attitude!    
GAA Club  
GAA Handball
Golf Club Four!!!!!
Hockey Club Sticks and Balls for all
Judo Club Tap, Nap or Snap
Kenpo Karate Club 'Training in a great family!'
MUCK Club If you like good craic, we're in the same boat
Olympic Handball
Powerlifting One of the fastest growing sports in the country right now, powerlifting is a sustainable
Racquetball Club Hit the ball hard and low.
Rock Climbing Rock Climbing MU  
Rovers Scouts, something for anyone who is adventurous!
Rugby Club
Shotokan Karate A black belt is a white belt who never gave u
Snooker Club Come for the snooker stay for the craic
Snowsports For all your snowy needs
Soccer Club Be a baller  
Surf Club Surfs up!
Table Tennis Club Maynooth University Table Tennis
TaekwonDo Club
Trampoline Club Maestros of Bouncingdom
Ultimate Frisbee One Club Together
Volleyball Club volleyball, club, ball, social,fun, awesome,

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