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About Drama Society

Welcome to MU Drama Society!

If you are interested in any aspect of theatre, we’ve got you covered. With us you will get the chance to act, direct, or work on a production behind the scenes (set, costume, tech design, stage management and much more).

We have a workshop each week where you can hang out with friends and gain insights of all aspects of theatre from our amazing instructors. Workshops take place on the following day:

  • Mondays 7-8pm

We put on a minimum of 2 full-length productions each year, as well as 3 festivals (Debutantes, One-Acts and Blackbox).

We also strive to bring our shows on the road to intervarsities and festivals across Ireland.

Finally, we also organize lots of fun day trips throughout the year, such as visits to the Smock Alley Theatre and Farmaphobia.

Here at Drama, we welcome people of every skill level and experience. With so many different ways to get involved, there’s bound to be something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Hit that “request membership” button now and become a part of our big family!

Current Committee 10
Chairperson REBECCA MC CARTHY(She/Her)
Public Relations Officer MOLLY SHANNON ROXBY
Public Relations Officer EMILY ANNIE KYLE
Events Officer Marc Cheevers
Festival Coordinator ALANNAH MARTIN
First Year Rep ELLA MARTHA
Productions Officer CLAIRE SCOFIELD

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