Mind Yourself Campaign and MBDC

(Robyn Keogh)

"Hiya guys! Hope you have all had a very relaxing weekend lovelies!  I would just like to apologise for the fact that the email was only sent this morning, this is due to unforeseen technical difficulties and I’m sorry that you had to wait until this morning to see all the classes and news that we have planned for you!  I apologise for any inconveniences caused and I hope that you will still be able to attend our classes this week as a result!  so sorry again guys!  This week, the SU are running the “Mind Yourself” campaign which is raising awareness around the importance of mental health  to show our support, the society is holding a number of confidence workshops during the week for both guys and gals to give you a little boost!  Leah Fleming will be holding a heels body confidence workshop on Monday the 18th from 1-2 for any gals wanting to try something new as well as a similar workshop on Tuesday from 1-2 that will be filmed so you will have a little video to take away with you!  we can’t wait for all of you feisty gals to bop on down to the SSH so you’s can let loose and have some fun!  we then have Darragh holding a boys only breaking class on Thursday from 1-2 for any of the boys willing to learn this fun and exciting style of hip hop! college life presents a lot of stresses for everyone as you try to make new friends and study to get good grades while some people move away from family and try to juggle part time jobs too! everyone here in the dance society completely supports the importance of looking after yourself and others mentally as well as need to have fun and release any built up stress through dance! what a perfect way for anyone to recognise this vital campaign by participating in these amazing fun events this week, we cannot wait to see you’s all there! ?? Our much awaited event, Maynooth’s Best Dance Crew, will take place in the Glenroyal Hotel on the evening of the 5th of December! ?this event features many clubs and societies in the university creating a dance crew that will preform and compete against each other with the help of our dancers that will choreograph specific routines for whichever club/society that volunteer!  the proceeds from all tickets bought for the event will go to Ataxia Ireland, the chosen SU charity for this year!  if you are interested in putting yourself forward to be one of these choreographers and work with a club/society then please contact us before Tuesday the 19th of November as preparation will begin soon! anyone can volunteer to be a choreographer and we would love to see new faces putting themselves forward for roles such as this so please do not hesitate if you think this may be for you! if not choreographing then we would love for all society members to please come to the fun filled event and raise some funds for Ataxia Ireland!  as per usual, there will be a fab night out afterwards to the Roost and would love for everyone to come and get involved! ? Also, we would love to remind all members that we are always accepting sign ups to the society!  there is no cut off point for sign ups so please do encourage any friends interested to join us on MU Life and to attend all events and classes!  please do not forget to let us know if any friends have not been accepted on MU Life yet as we can accept your €2 registration fee at any day classes! As always guys and gals, please do not be afraid to contact us with any questions and I look forward to seeing you at all of our fun filled events this week! ? Here’s to another fab week!  Robyn Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Report on Student Mental Health launched

(Ruairí Weiner)

"On the 3rd of September we took part in a panel discussion at the launch of a groundbreaking report on Student Mental Health by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) in Trinity College Dublin. I was asked to give a student response to be included in the report which was as follows"This research lays out clearly much of what we knew anecdotally. Namely that students are an at-risk group and are relying consistently upon the on-campus counselling service. Unfortunately, it is also clear that there is an inconsistency in the quality of assistance available. What we can see is that on-campus counselling services have the potential to make a huge difference nationally to the success of a group which suffers from staggeringly high rates of anxiety. The qualitative reports ring true to me as to what has been working and what is needed. Waiting lists are having a negative impact but on the positive we can see how effective a diverse team can be which includes an occupational therapist and an option for CBT. Crucially, students have highlighted the need for psychiatrists on staff so more serious concerns can be handled within the service we are most likely to use. I’m personally feeling very positive about this report and how it reflects our experiences."You can read more about the report and future steps in supporting Student Mental Health here: hope you will campaign with us for adequate services and to reduce stigma!"

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