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Access Society Maynooth University Access Society - Inclusive for everyone!
Africa Society New Season
Amnesty Society Amnesty Society Maynooth
Anime & Sci Fi Society Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Anime
Anthropology Society For anyone interested in people and culture!
Arts Crafts and Design Society The idea is to be creative!
Biology Society The New and Improved Biology Society for Maynooth.
Business Society MU Business & Finance Society - where your greater journey begins!  
Cancer Society We Won't Give Up Until Cancer Does.
Catholic Society NEW Defendere Populum Dei
Christian Union Seek. Share. Serve.
Circus Society Impress, Amaze, Inspire.
Classics Society Ancient Greece and Rome made fun!
Computer Science Society Maynooth's Computer Science Society
Consulting Society MU Consulting Society
Creative Writing Society Think it, Dream it, Write it!
Criminology Society Hey, wanna see a dead body?
Cuallacht Cholm Cille Ní neart go chur le chéile!
Dance Society Dance is for everyone
Deutsch Deutsche Kultur und Sprache  
Disney Society Spread the Magic! Best Society in Ireland 2020/21  
DJ Society Any Afters?
Drama Society Don't worry, it's for a play!
Electronics Engineering Society Overcome resistance, deliver full potential.
ELSA Society European Law Students' Association - Maynooth  
Enactus Society Society for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
Environmental Society Bringing environmental awareness to the campus
ESN ESN Maynooth
Fashion Society Do it with fashion or not at all
Filipino Society Mabuhay! Welcome to Filipino Society
Film Society Maynooth's Film Society!
FLAC Society Your First Call For Legal Information
French Society Quel cauchemar !
Froebel Society Play doesn't need to stop when you're an adult
Games Society Play all sorts of Games with us!  
Geography Society everything is geography if you're convincing enough
Gospel Choir Gospel Choir
Indian Society Bringing India to Maynooth
Investors Society NEW Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.
Islamic Society Connecting the Nation through Education
Japanese Culture Society Welcome to the Japanese Culture Society!
Korean Society NEW Welcome to the Korean Culture Society!
Labour Putting the Social into Socialism
Law Society Maynooth Law Society 2022/23
Law & Technology Society Where technology and law combine!  
Lego Society NEW Think It, Build It!
Literary & Debating Society Your Voice Deserves to be Heard!
Mars FM MarFM: Let's Get Campus Talking
Maths Society Easy as pi ;)
Mature Society @maturestudentssociety
Mental Health Society #UnleashTheElephant
Music Society choons and what not
Musical Society Step into the Spotlight   
Ogra Fianna Fail Future Thinking Now
People Before Profit We put people before profit.
Philosophy Society The Philosophy society
Politics & Sociology Society Politics is far too important to be left to Politicians!
Pride Society Maynooths LGBTI+ Society
Psychology Society Think, Change, Grow
Publication & Literary Society NEW The official home for the Silver Hand Journal!
Sinn Fein For an Ireland of Equals.
Socialist Party Society A world for the billions, not the billionaires
Spanish Society Un lugar donde todos son bienvenidos
St Catherines Society A place of Encounter
Super Hero Society NEW Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they were graced with.
SVP Society Youth for Justice
Swiftie Society are you ready for it?
Tea Society Taking life one cup of tea at a time
The Purpose Movement Society Move. Grow. Transform. Impact.
Trad Music Society #mutradsoc  
Ukrainian Society NEW Laskavo Prosymo! || Welcome!
Visual Media Where creatives unite!
Women in STEM Society Empowering Women to Empower the World!
Yoga Society Be a warrior, Not a worrier!
Young Fine Gael The Maynooth University branch of Young Fine Gael -Ireland's largest youth political organ

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