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Best Act of Kindness
Winner 2020/2021 (Tina Adinga)

Move. Grow. Evolve.

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About The Purpose Movement Society

At The Purpose Movement, Jesus is our Message and Purpose is our pursuit.

We are a multi-cultural community determined to Move, Grow and Evolve. We provide a platform to share your stories and experiences to help you heal and to inspire others. Ultimately, we aim to encourage and empower our generation to reach their fullest potential.

We discuss topics that affect us all but that we don't always talk about in everyday life. These topics include, but are not limited to; Life, Faith, Society and Culture

We host weekly events, such as open discussions, on Wednesday evenings. We also have commuter friendly events such as Morning Tea Chats and Faith Talks. Furthermore, we have a weekly radio show (on MARS FM) where we discuss trending topics. 

The foundation of The Purpose Movement is the Christian faith. However, anyone and everyone is welcome.

Check out our Social Media:

Instagram- @wearepurposemu

Snapchat- @purposemovement

Facebook- @wearepurposemovement

The Purpose Movement Society COVID-19 Officers
Tabitha Manuela (Vice President/Secretary)
Tina Adinga (President)
Current Committee 11
President Tina
Secretary Zilan Michaela Waters
Vice President/Secretary Tabitha
Treasurer Casey Nzekwe
Public Relations Officer temitope
Public Relations Officer (name hidden)
Creative Team Member Rapha
Creative team Member Adeola Adediran
Events Manager DAVINA OSEM
First Year Rep Serena Akinnola
Ordinary Committee Member McJordan Amartey

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