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The Maynooth University branch of Young Fine Gael -Ireland's largest youth political organ

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About Young Fine Gael

Young Fine Gael is Ireland’s largest youth political organisation.
We are the autonomous youth wing of political party Fine Gael.

We offer our members the opportunity to assist in formulation of political policy, develop leadership skills, network, and make friends.
As a founding member of the European organisation, Youth of the European People's Party, which is the youth wing of the European People's Party we have strong European connections and participate in the YEPP council.

Our constitution allows us to act on our own, independent from our parent party. Enabling us to promote our own political objectives, allow individual members to decided and campaign on their own position in the case of conscience.

Check out our current campaigns on and get involved!

- One Island Committee Transport Document

- Press Statements

Current Committee 4
Vice Chairperson Kenneth Henry
Public Relations Officer (name hidden)
Second Year Rep JACOB GOULD

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