History Society

Best Society First Year
2nd Place 2022/2023 (VASYL KUPAVTSEV)

Civic and Charity Award
3rd Place 2022/2023 (Awareness Raising/Advocacy)

History can be repeated here.

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About History Society

Hi! We are the History Society of Maynooth University. We would love to have you join us! Here, you can catch up with your friends, as well as meet new people that share the same appreciation and interest for history! This is a space to learn, teach, inform and share our knowledge and insights about all kinds of history. This is an environment that encourages and welcomes everyone, no matter what area of history you’re interested in. From Plato to Nato, the World Wars and the Ancient World to the present day, we’d love to hear it all! Watch this space for some exclusive events and trips for our society members.

Current Committee 4
Secretary TOM HEVEY
Public Relations Officer FINBARR JAMES MAGUIRE

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