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St Catherines Society

A place of Encounter

Membership unavailable until society is unlocked by committee admin
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About St Catherines Society

St Catherines society offers members the use of St Catherine's Student Room (located between John Hume and the School of Education) made available by the Salesian community. It is a place of 'encounter' where students can hang out, relax, play pool or football, heat their food and enjoy complementary tea or coffee. Through the year various events are also arranged for a bit of fun. To join simply apply on MULife and come into the common room! The only condition is a willingness to respect the rules inside and an openness to others. At the other end of the building their is also a chapel open to students who would like to pray or just sit in silence. For more information on groups and events in St. Catherine's, see our Facebook and Insta!

Current Committee 7
President Seán Sweeney
Secretary sara coleman
Treasurer Tomás
Health and Safety Officer Cyril
Public Relations Officer Angel
Events Officer benoit kufika
First Year Rep Jack Kennedy

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