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About Law & Technology Society

The Legal Tech Society is where the technological sector and the legal sector combine. Technology is such a massive and complex sector, that it is changing the way we view the subject of law. This needs its own dedicated space to be explored and discussed. We aim to be that space. The doctrines of tort and contract have their home. Now the new areas such as cybercrime, intellectual property protection, data privacy in social media, artificial intelligence in Courts, facial recognition in criminal investigations and the identity databases that are used by security firms, all based in technology, need to be examined. Areas such as e-commerce, biotech, telecommunications, broadcasting and psychology are also all increasingly intersecting with legal-tech realm. We wish to capture the interest of all students regardless of technological predispositions, so that we can incorporate everyone into a global society that is being continuously shaped by the technological advancements around us.

Our goal is to teach members about the ever-evolving technological sector in a fun but educating manner, especially in the areas of law, justice, e-commerce, biotech, intellectual property, data security, telecommunications, broadcasting and psychology. As well as to explore the modern advancements of technology that effect our everyday lives and to broaden our understanding of new technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, Self-Sufficient Energy, Virtual Currencies and Data Protection, virtual reality and augmented reality, among others. A large part of our activities will include hosting events, such as competitions, quiz nights, guest speakers and debates, aiming to ignite a passion for technology in the university. We want create a space where open discussion and debate, especially around the technological aspects of life, are welcome and encouraged. This society aims to be an outlet for those who wish to showcase their knowledge and abilities in the form of student talks, invention showcases and frequent informal meetings. Our wish is to also create a space outside of the academic environment where socialisation can happily occur, and friendships can be made. 

Current Committee 7
President Jobitha Prince
Treasurer Melinda Frunza
Events Officer Martin Holohan Jr
Officer of Competitions VIVEK ALLAMPALLY
Vice President shawbo babaiee

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