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About Philosophy Society

Welcome to the Maynooth University Philosophy Society!

Unleash your curiosity and become part of our vibrant community of thinkers! From ancient wisdom to modern debates, we dive into the diverse world of philosophy. Engage in enriching discussions, connect with like-minded people, and enjoy a refreshing pause from the usual academic grind, while engaging with the philosophy you enjoy.

Engage | Explore | Connect

Join us not just for thought-provoking events and inspiring guest speakers, but also for the sheer joy of it. Let's explore together, question freely, and relish every moment of this adventure!

*Please add our Discord for interactive, up-to-date information on news & Events. We look forward to meeting you!*

Current Committee 5
Chairperson (name hidden)
Vice Chairperson CAITLIN HICKEY
Treasurer Naoise
Public Relations Officer MJOLLNIR

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