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About Islamic Society

The Islamic Society in Maynooth was set up by Muslim students who saw a need for a society that could represent and serve the Muslim students on campus. The Islamic society is an inclusive body which welcomes the support and involvement of non-Muslims. It provides a platform for students to develop themselves and work together towards bringing a positive change to our society. It is also aims to help clear any misconceptions about Islam by engaging in friendly dialogue on campus and developing unity as well as by collaborating with other societies. We would like to further contribute to the cultural enrichment of the diverse college community. We aim to promote the awareness of Islam & Muslims on campus and to facilitate a harmonious society in which all students can live and integrate with each other. MU ISoc invites everyone regardless of your religion or none, to join us in our wide range of events and activities; whether you are Muslim or not, trying to learn about Islam or just looking to make friends and have fun. There is something for everyone.

Current Committee 7
Media Officer Fatima Wan
President MOHAMMAD
Events Officer Khadijah Fasetire
First Year Rep HIBA KHALID

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