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Gamers, join us EVERY Tuesday from 6:30pm till 10 pm in Upstairs JH, and experience a wide variety of games spread across the entire 1st floor of the John Hume Building, JH5 will be providing exciting board/card game opportunities, JH6 will cater to those of you looking to scratch that console games itch and the tutorial halls across the way will be provided for groups of RPG players!

If you want to come along and play some games of any variety while meeting new people and making lots of friends this is the place for you! We cater to all forms of gaming: Board games, Card games, Console games, RPGs, Wargames, LAN, and even Chess! Along with any other type you want us to run we'll do our best to try to organize.

Want to try out that new board game? We have it. Want to draft some Magic: The Gathering? We have boosters. Want to play Smash Bros? We'll put it onto a projector and make it look epic. Dungeons and Dragons campaign? We'll even hook you up with a group, equipment and a room to run it in. Want to conquer your opponents in Warhammer? We've got terrain and rule books covered. Want to play some ranked League of Legends / CS:GO, etc? Come grab some teammates in the LAN room.

Is there something missing from the list? Tell us and we'll make sure it's there! We run events every week catered to you our members.

We have been running a Games Convention, Dominicon, for the past 27 years. If you're interested in finding out more or getting involved join us on our social media.

Current Committee 14
President LUKE MURTAGH(He/Him)
Vice President/Secretary David Soyele
Public Relations Officer (Media) FINBARR JAMES MAGUIRE
Public Relations Officer (PRO Design) Kian
Board Games Coordinator DAVID MURTAGH
Card Games Coordinator Sage Redmond(They/Them)
Chess Guy (name hidden)
LAN co-ordinator Seán KERRIGAN
President (name hidden)
TTRPGs Coordinator ADAM
Wargames Co-ordinator DYLAN JAMES MURPHY

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