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Youth for Justice

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The aim of MU's SVP Society is to tackle poverty in all its forms through practical assistance to those in need. Therefore at Maynooth visiting and engaging with those in need plays a huge part of the society.There is a huge social element at the heart of this conference which makes it both enjoyable and hugely addictive. MU SVP is relaxed, easy-going and flexible therefore you can get involved as much or as little as you like.

Some of the activities run are the weekly soup runs to the homeless of Dublin, training and courses. The society offers the opportunity to volunteer over the summer with Ozanam House, and Sunshine House who run day camps and holiday camps for disadvantaged children and teenagers throughout the summer.

There are also social and fundraising events such as SVP Week, the Christmas 'Giving Tree', nights out, Intervarsities, pub crawls, sleep outs, cake sales, quizzes, debates, guest speakers, charity ball, fun runs, guest speakers, and teaming up with the other University SVP Conferences throughout the year!

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