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Best First Year Athlete
3rd Place 2023/2024 (JOSEPH ANTHONY WHELAN)

A black belt is a white belt who never gave up

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About Shotokan Karate

Hello and welcome to the Maynooth University Shotokan Karate Club page. We are a friendly community of people with an interest in Karate. Our classes are held 2 times a week, with each class catering to members of all ability and experience levels. We aim to cover all areas of karate from the traditional to the modern, self-defense to sport competition. Whatever you want to get out of your Karate training, we will be there to help you reach that goal!

We regularly attend competitions, where our members represent Maynooth University.  We also give our members the opportunity to attend seminars with world-class instructors and also attend 'grade examinations' where they can progress through the ranks of Karate.

Whether you're experienced or a beginner, come down to our classes and join our growing community!

Current Committee 6
Vice Chairperson Andrew
Public Relations Officer JOSEPH ANTHONY WHELAN
Health and Safety Officer AOIFE LAMBERT

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