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2022 has seen the return of a major war in Europe for the first time in generations. The war in Ukraine is only the latest in a line of international crises that, from the climate crisis to racism to both social and economic inequalities across the world. It is more important than ever that a robust international organisation is in place to tackle these issues. Ideally, this means an organisation that can enforce proper punitive measures against murderous and war-hungry regimes but also provide a platform where all counites can engage in equal dialogue without the ability of five nations to override the will of an entire continent.


This society hopes to educate students on the international community and how international communities work and tackle issues, and what can be done to make them better.  We also aim to raise awareness about the crimes and injustices in our world.  


We aim to achieve this by not boring the sole out of our members with long lectures on dense areas of international law. But alternatively, by having interactive and enjoyable events.  

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