Resource Documents

Bank Mandate PDF 3 MB
Budget Guide 20/21 Powerpoint 11 MB
How to submit your Budget Powerpoint 12 MB
Five Ways To Manage Conflict Image Word 107 KB
Five Ways to Manage Conflict Notes PDF 21 KB
Managing Emotions Word 20 KB
MU Need to talk poster PDF 244 KB
Perspective 9 6 Word 158 KB
Types Of Conflict Word 14 KB
What Influences Your Perspective Word 263 KB
WOT Cartoon Style Word 170 KB
COVID-19 Statement Template Word 31 KB
Accident-Incident Form Link
Clubs Intervarsity Participation Form Word 66 KB
Event Management Template Word 114 KB
Societies Intervarsity Participation Form PDF 37 KB
Special Equipment Application Form Word 28 KB
Special Events Application Form Word 31 KB
Template for Committee Meetings Word 20 KB
Assembly Points Location North Campus PDF 214 KB
Assembly Points Location South Campus PDF 156 KB
First Aid & Medical Emergencies contacts Word 14 KB
General Society Safety Statement Word 431 KB
Location of Defibrillators on Campus Word 12 KB
Maynooth University Action in the event of Fire Word 14 KB
MU Need to Talk Poster PDF 297 KB
MU Need to Talk Poster as Gaeilge PDF 292 KB
Performance Safety Statement Template Word 428 KB
Sports Clubs Safety Statement Template Word 428 KB
Approved Bus Suppliers for Maynooth University Word 13 KB
Approved Suppliers for Maynooth University Word 15 KB
C&S Membership Fees Policy Word 18 KB
Capitation Expenditure Policy PDF 155 KB
Equality and Diversity Policy PDF 325 KB
Honorary President Policy/Guidelines Word 26 KB
Maynooth University Alcohol Policy Word 59 KB
MU Coaching Policy PDF 186 KB
Posters & Promotional Material Guidelines Word 34 KB
Social Media Word 40 KB
Special Events Policy Word 59 KB
Clubs and Societies Awards Portfolio Tips PDF 95 KB
Clubs and Socs Handbook PDF 8 MB
Committee Roles & Responsibilities Powerpoint 139 KB
Treasurer Training Powerpoint 1 MB

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