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About Rovers

Rovers is Maynooth university's outdoor pursuits club. We love getting out and about, down and dirty, and generally having a good time while exploring new places & experiences So how does standing on top of a mountain and proclaiming your triumph to the whole world sound? Good, yeah? What about scrambling up a wall like some kind of elegant monkey? Or basking in the dusky glow of a burning campfire while stuffing your face with marshmallows? These are just some of the many things that Rovers do, and if you want to be part of the fun, then simply join our club when fairs day comes around!

Rovers COVID-19 Officer
Liam Reed (Events Officer)
Current Committee 9
President Niall Heaney
Secretary Michael
Treasurer Elizabeth Gleeson
Equipment Officer Christopher McCoubrey
Public Relations Officer Aoife Flood
Alumni Rep Sarah
Alumni Rep Fiona
Events Officer Liam Reed
First Year Rep Gráinne Sweeney

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