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About Indian Society

Every year plenty of students that are of Indian origin come to Maynooth University, so we wanted a platform where we could unite and bring the essence of the diverse Indian culture to the both the University and the wider community. This society was formed with the sole purpose of promoting and truly delving deep into the Indian culture and its traditions. Our aim is to organise various events that really bring out the essence of the Indian culture to those at Maynooth University and within the wider community too. The Indian Society at Maynooth University is not only a fun-filled and dynamic society but also a society that cares about the issues within the wider society and does our part to help. So, if you are missing home or just want to get a taster of what our society and our culture is like, join our society and come along to our events. 

Indian Society COVID-19 Officers
Shivaani Shyamsundar (Vice President)
Sneha Thomas (President)
Sneheeka Dabhade (Events Officer)
Current Committee 6
President Sneha Thomas
Vice President Shivaani
Secretary Kirti
Treasurer Harshini Rajesh
Events Officer Sneheeka Dabhade
Public Relations Officer LAVANYA

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