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Posted 24th Sep 2019
Author Joanne Slevin

We did vote on our name change coming to the end of last term. It will be changed just bare with us in the process. I look forward to see you at the last Omega stand on Fairs Day :D

Return of Omega commuter events

Posted 24th Oct 2016
Author Emi Ryan

Omega is back with our weekly commuter events!

Our first commuter event is being held Tuesday 25th October in the SU meeting room 3/4 from 2 till 5.

The Pigment

Posted 25th Apr 2016
Author Aaron O'Callaghan

Omega s blog 'The Pigment' is back up and running in all it glory!

The Pigment is a colaberation of content submitted by omega members about any and all things that we do in the society.
After being published here, the best of the best articles will be sent on to be published in the MSU Print.

Check out The Pigment at !

If you would like to submit an article for publish, or have any question, send an email to with 'The Pigment' as the subject. 

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