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Anime & Sci Fi Society:

This year we will be going to J-Con.

In this society we deal with all things anime and sci fi related and we also deal with fantasy related. We run all sorts of events from screenings to cinema trips. When arguments breaks out with any of these genres you can be sure we will be having a "town meeting" debate to argue the sides.

This society allows you to meet others with similar interests. The society can support you in venting your frustration over mid-season/end-season breaks, the loss of your favorite characters and the inevitable heat death of the universe. We are the the society that will do almost anything, once we can relate it to our collective interest in sci-fi, fantasy or anime. So if there is something members want us to host we are willing and eager to provide and support. :D

The society maintains a library full of novels, comic books and manga.

We welcome new members all year round just come along to our events.

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