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Tea Soc is all about sitting back and relaxing with a cuppa, a few biscuits and other savoury pastries and foods. Tea Soc aims to promote a relaxed, friendly environment where members can de-stress, make new friends and be part of the Tea Family. All of our committee members are 100% approachable and friendly and we are happy to answer any questions you have. We meet up most weeks, usually during the daytime, and our plans for next year are just awesome, if we say so ourselves!! Join Tea Soc for cool tea-related puns, a chill out, time to meet new people and make lifelong friends. after all, who doesn't love a biscuit with their tea in their favourite mug?? Feel free to contact us at any time via our social medias, email or even in person!!

Current Committee 7
President Colin Lawlor
Vice President Laura O'Reilly(She/Her)
Public Relations Officer AALIYAH NICOLE MOONEY
Equipment's Officer Seán KERRIGAN(He/Him)
Events Officer Amy
Web Master CIAN

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