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About ELSA Society

The European Law Students' Association is the largest independent law student organisation in the world, with over 60,000 members in 44 countries around Europe.

ELSA Maynooth members have been actively involved internationally in ELSA Delegations, ELSA Law Schools, the STEP programme, ELSA Legal Research Groups, the ELSA Law Review, ELSA Moot Court Competitions and our annual ELSA Maynooth International Negotiation Competition.

We have also organised many innovative local activities in recent years, including the ELSA Maynooth Speaker Series, negotiation workshops, mock interviews, CV and interview workshops and regular Q&A sessions for all students.

Many of our officers and members have served in key positions on the ELSA International Team and the ELSA Ireland National Board.

Don't miss out on the long list of local, national and international opportunities that ELSA offers - join ELSA Maynooth today!

Feel free to get in contact with us by email at elsa@mulife.ie or on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn!

Current Committee 7
President Grainne Honer
President ALI O'CONNOR
Vice President of International Negotiations Compe ANNA LOUISE BRADISH
Vice President of STEP Ema Staneviciute
VP for Academic Activities AHMAD

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