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Snooker/Pool Tournament

Day Tuesdays
From 18:00, to 22:00
Max 25 attendees
Type IN-PERSON Activity

Location: Snooker and Pool Club Rye Hall

Hi All,

Snooker/Pool Tournament will take place on Tuesday evenings and 6pm SHARP! Please try to be there on time as playing a full tournament takes time and we are under time restrictions. All abilities welcome. Great way to improve your Snooker/Pool skills and its a great way to make new friends. All games of Snooker and Pool will be free and there may be refreshments after.


Snooker and Pool Committee

This is a PAST activity
For archive information only!

Snooker Tournament

Day Tuesdays
From 18:30, to 22:00
Type IN-PERSON Activity

Location: Snooker Hall, Rye Hall

We have a weekly snooker tournament every Tuesday in Rye Hall. Points will be handicapped to ensure everyone has a chance. Entry fee is €2. 

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