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New Irish Champions

Posted 11th Mar 2022
Author Owen Doyle (President)

MU Boxing had great succuess at the Intervarsities with Bella, Sinead and Billy all taking home gold medals and Mai and Bence fighting their way to silver. A huge congratulations to all that took part.

Women's Boxercise is back!

Posted 8th Feb 2022
Author Emma Downey (Events Officer)

We are happy to announce that women's boxercise is restarting from Tuesday 15th in the small sports hall. Classes will be coached by Emma and run from 11-12. These classes are designed to get more women involved in boxing and focus on improving fitness and learning boxing skills. Each class is 2 euro. No equipment is required just bring water and wear comfortable clothing and runners.

New Facebook Page

Posted 15th Oct 2020
Author Owen Doyle (President)

New facebook page now live, go give it a like and a follow! You can get updates on the club here and also join the facebook group linked with it, to chat with members, ask questions and keep up to date.

Any questions feel free to send an email, ask in the facebook group or send us a message in our Instagram we will be happy to help!

Want to join the committee?

Posted 1st Oct 2020
Author Owen Doyle (President)

If you're interested in getting involved on the boxing club committee let me know. There's a number of roles available and something for everyone.

Joining the committee is a great way to make friends, learn new skills and stand out on your CV

For more details on the positions email the boxing club or contact me on Instagram or Facebook. 

See you all soon! 

Beginning of Trainings

Posted 1st Oct 2020
Author Owen Doyle (President)

Due to the current covid 19 restrictions, boxing training will not be starting back for a number of weeks.

But do make sure to join up to be ready to go when we can. Until then we will be posting boxing tips for beginners on our social media, organising online competitions for members, outdoor runs and activities (socially distanced) and much more!

Hope to see you all soon!

Intervarsities Success in 2020

Posted 9th Mar 2020
Author Owen Doyle

The 2020 IATBA intervarsities were held from the 6th to the 8th of March in the National Stadium. This year Maynooth Boxing Club had 4 entries with each coming home with a medal. Cormac Donoghue won a gold medal in the Junior Novice 60kg category and Bobby Doolan won his gold in the Senior Novice 64kg category making them the 2020 Irish champions. Finn McGinley and Carl Carruth also took home 2 silver medals after 2 tough fights. Overall it was a great success for Maynooth University for the promotion of the club and our continuing successes. 

Boxing training

Posted 7th Oct 2019
Author Eoin OConnor

Boxing training to begin tomorrow Tuesday 8th of October for males and females. On Wednesday there is also a female only class and then a male and female class on Thursday. 

Tuesday 7-8pm in small sports hall (Male and female)

Wednesday 1-2pm in small sports hall (female only)

Thursday 7-8:30pm in small sports hall (male and female)

Joining the Boxing club

Posted 24th Sep 2019
Author Eoin OConnor

Maynooth Boxing club is back again after a great year just gone. To join make sure you pop down to our stall on fairs day October 3rd ( Thursday Week 2 of college). To join you must pay €2. All levels welcome. This year we hope to have a female only class aswell!

Clubs &socs; awards

Posted 1st Apr 2019
Author Eoin O Connor

This year Bella hughes won first year athlete of the year, under the banner of MU Boxing. She has had a fantastic year in boxing and looks set for another great year. This is only the start of the awards MU Boxing will win as we narrowly missed out on most improved club.

Intervarsity success

Posted 13th Mar 2019
Author Eoin O Connor

The IATBA college championships have come to an end and we have been very successful. We had 11 boxers register for the competition while 9 fought ( 2 forefeited due to illness). We had both male and female entrants, from junior novice to itermediate and from weight classes ranging from 60kg to 91kg+. We receieved two gold medals and one silver medal . Bella Hughes received a gold medal in the 60kg female intermediate category, Owen doyle a gold medal in the 66kg junior novice and Jack Gill a silver medal in the male youth 63kg category. 

Fairs day success!

Posted 4th Oct 2018
Author Eoin O Connor

Thanks to the huge response the boxing club recieved at fairs day, its going to be a great year. Training starts Tuesday 9th in the small sports hall at 7pm-8pm, see you all then!

Success for MU Boxing in 2016

Posted 29th Apr 2016
Author Aaron Doherty

It has been a successful first year for our club. With only a sports hall, a few sparring sessions in other clubs around Dublin and Kildare and our own effort, we managed to come home from the varsities with three medals. 67kg first year student, Paul Kenny, achieved a silver medal in the beginner category. He courageously powered through a tough final fight against a strong opponent and did the club proud. 75kg postgrad student, John King, came up against a very experienced and tricky fighter in his final of the intermediate category. He aslo came home to Maynooth with a silver medal. I luckily acquired a gold medal and national title in the intermediate 67kg category. 

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