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No Aikido Next Week

Posted 10th Mar 2023
Author Cormac Monaghan (President)

There will be no Aikido classes during the midterm break - We will begin again on Tuesday 21st March @6pm in the PE Hall.

Weclome Back (Semester II Update)

Posted 2nd Feb 2023
Author Cormac Monaghan (President)

Welcome back everyone - Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday period and did well in their exams!

Aikido classes will be running again in the PE Hall every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm till 8:00pm.

All our welcome :))

Class over study week

Posted 26th Oct 2021
Author Cormac Monaghan (President)

We will still be running our usual Tuesday and Thursday class this week at 6pm. If anyone would like to come please remember to sign up on MU Life beforehand.

New Aikido Class

Posted 18th Oct 2021
Author Detta Dickinson (Coach)

An extra class has been added to our schedule.

Wednesdays 1pm-2pm in the Small Hall of the Sports Centre.

This is open to all members of the Aikido Club. We will not have access to the mats so it will be a basic weapons class (weapons will be provided). 

Welcome Back Everyone: Semester 2 Update

Posted 2nd Feb 2021
Author Cormac Monaghan (President)

Welcome back everyone and I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas/New Years. In regards to our Semester 2 plans, with the current restrictions, we will be continuing with our weekly online classes held over Zoom

Virtual Aikido Classes

Posted 28th Oct 2020
Author Cormac Monaghan (President)

Virtual Aikido classes will be held via Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday @7pm. These classes shall consist of basic posture and weapons (Jo/Bokken) training. If you do not possess a Jo/Bokken any household equivalent will suffice (Broom handle; Mop handle; Wooden spoon etc.).

Emails will be sent out each week with links to the meetings so make sure to keep an eye on your mumail accounts.

Winter Course 2019!

Posted 2nd Dec 2019
Author Aisling Redmond

It's time for the annual aikido winter course! This takes place on the 7th and 8th of December and is a great opportunity to further your learning!

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