Report on Student Mental Health launched

(Ruairí Weiner)

"On the 3rd of September we took part in a panel discussion at the launch of a groundbreaking report on Student Mental Health by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) in Trinity College Dublin. I was asked to give a student response to be included in the report which was as follows"This research lays out clearly much of what we knew anecdotally. Namely that students are an at-risk group and are relying consistently upon the on-campus counselling service. Unfortunately, it is also clear that there is an inconsistency in the quality of assistance available. What we can see is that on-campus counselling services have the potential to make a huge difference nationally to the success of a group which suffers from staggeringly high rates of anxiety. The qualitative reports ring true to me as to what has been working and what is needed. Waiting lists are having a negative impact but on the positive we can see how effective a diverse team can be which includes an occupational therapist and an option for CBT. Crucially, students have highlighted the need for psychiatrists on staff so more serious concerns can be handled within the service we are most likely to use. I’m personally feeling very positive about this report and how it reflects our experiences."You can read more about the report and future steps in supporting Student Mental Health here: hope you will campaign with us for adequate services and to reduce stigma!"

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