AGM Election Role Descriptions News: notice

Posted On 24th Apr 2024
Posted By Athletics
Author DANIEL O BRIEN (Vice President)

  1. President: The President serves as the chief decision-maker in the athletics club, responsible for overseeing all club operations and representing the club at many university and external events. They set the strategic direction, lead committee meetings, and ensure the club's objectives are met. The President also plays a key role in resolving conflicts, supporting other committee members, and maintaining the club's public outreach, development, and growth. 

  2. Vice-President: The Vice-President assists the President in all their duties and stands in for them in their absence. This role often includes coordinating internal committee activities, helping to manage club projects, and ensuring smooth communication among committee members. The Vice-President may also take on special assignments or lead initiatives and projects like club development, outreach, and inclusion, working alongside the President. 

  3. Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for the administration of the club. This role involves scheduling and minuting meetings, handling club correspondence, and maintaining all club records. The Secretary is also in charge of managing membership records, venue bookings, transfer arrangements and ensuring compliance with club policies. 

  4. Treasurer: The Treasurer manages the club's finances, including budgeting, bookkeeping, and financial reporting. They are responsible for collecting members payments, paying bills, and co-ordinating fundraising activities. The Treasurer ensures that all financial practices comply with university guidelines and are transparent, as well as liaising with the club bank account signatories. 

  5. Women's Captain: The Women's Captain leads and represents the female members of the club. This role involves organising athlete development opportunities alongside the Men's Captain, selecting teams for intervarsities, distributing club gear, and fostering a supportive environment for all female athletes. They also work closely with the coaches to address the needs of athletes and advocate for inclusion and outreach as well as social opportunities from members from campus runs to training camps. 

  6. Men's Captain: Like the Women's Captain, Men's Captain leads and represents the male members of the club. They work on team selection, and competition participation for male athletes as well as co-ordinating gear distribution and assisting their fellow captain with intervarsity competitions preparation. They work to ensure that all male athletes receive appropriate support and opportunities within the club. 

  7. Public Relations Officer: The Public Relations Officer manages the club’s internal and external communications. This includes promoting the club on social media (Instagram, TikTok etc.), handling news articles, stories and updates and organising photography and promotion. The PRO also helps organise event promotions through posters and graphics and outreach to groups within campus life is encouraged. 

  8. Events Officer: The Events Officer is responsible for planning, organising, and executing all club events, including fundraisers, social nights, talks/workshops and domestic or international trips. This role involves coordinating with other committee members, securing venues, managing event budgets, getting sponsors and suppliers, communications and promotions as well as ensuring that events run smoothly and successfully, and members get involved and are included. 

  9. Kit Officer: The Kit Officer is responsible for managing and organizing all gear and merch for the club. This role involves maintaining an inventory of all items, ensuring that equipment is in good condition, and managing the distribution and collection of kits to and from athletes. The Kit Officer also coordinates the purchasing of new equipment and kit items as needed, often working with suppliers to negotiate prices and arrange deliveries. They communicate with members on gear orders, designs and new concepts and products to add to the merch collection. 


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