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Posted On 13th Feb 2023
Posted By Africa

 Maynooth African Society started off semester 2 with a bang! We threw a SOLD OUT Valentines day themed event (Love at first chat) and sold nearly 400 tickets! If you're following us on Instagram and Tiktok, you would agree that the turn out was incredible!!!

How did we pull this off?

1. We used event and project management strategies. We defined our goals very early on, understood the risks involved and implemented strategies accordingly. We created strategic and effective teams with a clear outline of the roles and responsibilities of each team whilst giving them the creative freedom to express themselves through their role(We have so much talent!). We used WBS techniques to breakdown the project into small bites, we communicated regularly, we set realistic expectations and stayed adaptable!

2. Strategic social media marketing! Our TikTok promotional videos have just under 20k views and over 6K Likes. Our social media manager Deborah Oriade achieved this by being the creative genius that she is and by leveraging Tiktok trends! Understand your target audience and leverage trends accordingly! (Follow us on Tiktok @muafrosoc1)

3. Community! The Black-Irish community in Maynooth University is such a large community (we make up 8% of Maynooth university) however, we stick together! Know your community well and they’ll act as brand ambassadors by sharing about your event through word of mouth! 

4. Fundraising! This year our society is self-funded and we decided to see this as an opportunity for growth instead of seeing it as a setback! We fundraised ALOT in first semester so we would be able to put on an event this big!

We started the year off with high goals and realistic expectations and we are unlocking our potential by working towards these goals. We have so much planned for the semester ahead but its safe to say wed it off with a BANG! Love at first chat, over and out! 

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