Commuter Events! News: update

Posted On 6th Feb 2023
Posted By Deutsch
Author Laura O'Reilly (President)
Location Silken Thomas Yew - MSU Building

Hallo mein Lieblings!

We are delighted to announce that our commuter events will be returning this Thursday (February 9th) and will be running for the remainder of the semester! To kick things off this week we have a Kaffeeklatsch in Silken Thomas Yew in the MSU Building. Its from 12-2 and you can stay as long as you want or pop in and out as many times as you want! We will have tea, coffee and biscuits and we will be providing cups but if you want to bring a reusable cup please do! 

Most of our commuter events will be based around the kaffeeklatsch theme - but we will have some other plans and some collabs too, including a collab with the lovely tea society on the 16th of February, so keep an eye on your emails so you don't miss out!

wir seh'n uns dort!!

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