Weekly Meeting/Workshop

(Callan Building, Classroom 9 (Upstairs))

"Our weekly meetings will feature mini workshops on every aspect of DJing, from finding music to setting up gigs. We will also be using these meetings to plan events and offer gig slots to attendees - you need to get down to us if you want a slot! All are welcome, not just members, so feel free to bring a friend.We recommend you bring a USB with your music on it, analysed through Rekordbox (ask us how to do this!), headphones and any other gear or equipment you might want to use or show off while you're there - but this is all at your own risk, keep an eye on your stuff at all meetings. Our meetings will be mostly based off Pioneer DJ equipment and Rekordbox software - however, we all use a range of equipment and software so talk to us and we'll make it work! If you have any other questions get in touch either over email (dj@mulife.ie), on any of our social media accounts (listed on our page) or just turn up at a meeting - no commitment to join, just to come and have fun!NOTE: Maynooth DJ Society meetings are STRICTLY ALCOHOL FREE as they are held in classrooms - anyone with alcohol on them will be asked to leave it unopened until off college grounds. Anyone found drinking at meetings will be asked to throw it away immediately, and any repeat incidents of attempting to bring in alcohol will be asked to leave the meeting, with consequences ranging from gig suspensions to termination of membership. We also act all attendees to be mindful of noise at all times - entering, leaving and during meetings. As we are a music and sound based society there will inevitably be music played during meetings, but due to our location on campus this will be kept to a moderate volume and we ask all who come along to our meetings to respect this as well."

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