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V A P O R W A V E & S Y N T H W A V E

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About Vaporwave & Synthwave Society

Welcome to Vaporwave and Synthwave society. Here we seek to create a friendly and united community with an interest in Vaporwave, Synthwave and all the umbrella genres such as cyberpunk, lo-fi etc.

Whether you just simply want to relax listening to any of these genres, create artwork or music based on the genres your interests will be facilitated here. Maybe you are curious about any of these genres and want to learn more, we'll do our best to help you out.

We are commuter-friendly so our meetings will be held before 6pm.

NOTE: This is NOT a VAPING society. (Vaporwave fans will know the struggle)

Current Committee 4
Chairperson Bartosz Gasiorowski
Secretary (name hidden)
Treasurer (name hidden)
Vice Chairperson (name hidden)

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