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About STAND Society

The STAND society brings together Maynooth University students who have a passion for justice and equality.

Society members have the opportunity to explore the biggest challenges facing the world today, to connect with like-minded people to bring about positive change in the world, and to develop long-lasting personal and professional skills.

STAND members can avail of the societies full programme of training and events, including the STAND Student Festival, the Global Issues course, The Ideas Collective workshops, talks and panel discussions with distinguished guests, the Diverge podcast and STAND News. Furthermore, you can also volunteer in Ireland and Internationally through our sister organisation, Suas. We also offer regular internships throughout the year.

The STAND Society is a great way to meet new people and get inspired about making a difference in the world. Begin your journey today!

Current Committee 6
President (name hidden)
Vice President Maria
Secretary Chikemka Abuchi-Ogbonda
Treasurer Zilan Michaela Waters
Assistant Public Relations Munashe Kandiwa
Events Officer john kerins

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