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About Pokemon Society

WELCOME TO POKÉSOC: MAYNOOTH UNIVERSITY'S PREMIER POKÉMON SOCIETY! Pokémon Society members are a wide arrange of Pokémon fans; anime nerds, Pokémon Go players, determined competitive players, shiny hunters... We welcome all! We offer Pokémon anime movie/episode screenings, battle tutorials, shiny giveaways, competitive tournaments, an expansive Pokémon Go community and a group of students who love everything and anything Pokémon! We at Pokémon Society welcome all to our society, as we strive to provide Maynooth University students with the best Pokémon experience ever within the academic year. Society Room is at JH7 on Thursday evenings at 7pm

Pokemon Society COVID-19 Officer
Cathal Murphy (President)
Current Committee 5
President (name hidden)
Vice President Rory
Media Officer Katie Geraghty
Secretary (name hidden)
Events Officer Orla

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