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Welcome to the MUTimes! Maynooth University’s first University Paper run by students for students! As a university, having our voice heard and an outlet for reading and news etc is very important.

We cover anything and everything; reviews, travel, creative writing, reports and advice are just a handful of the type of articles you can read on our website. MUTimes is first and foremost a community.

We work in tandem with the team of writers, editors and photographers as well as the President and so on. We are all passionate for writing and managing an aesthetically pleasing and engaging paper for the students of Maynooth University.

Whether you are passionate for writing or taking photographs in your spare time or have some strong opinions to share, the MU Times is just the community for you! Visit us at to see our articles and our social media pages to follow upcoming news and events: @mutimes19 – Instagram @ MUTimes - Facebook

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Kate Hawkins (chairperson)
Current Committee
chairperson Kate Hawkins

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