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Labour Youth Maynooth AGM 2020

Posted 12th Oct 2020
Author David Corish (Chairperson)

Join us for our annual AGM this Tuesday, 13th October @7PM

Email for the Zoom meeting ID!

Branch Meeting

Posted 17th Feb 2020
Author David Corish

Our first branch meeting of the semester was very productive. We discussed the ensuing Labour party leadership election and the results of general election 2020 as well as our plans for the future.

Many events planned for the semester ahead!

An Irish Green New Deal

Posted 15th Feb 2020
Author David Corish

The Maynooth Labour Society and Young Greens co-hosted our first open policy discussion, asking "What would an Irish Green New Deal look like?" The event was a great success. We discussed and debated various policies which could be implemented. Topics included public transport, the agricultural industry, carbon tax, electric car subsidies, transitioning to renewable energy and more. Looking forward to future events and collaborations with our green comrades.

Labour Youth National Executive Hustings

Posted 15th Feb 2020
Author David Corish

The Maynooth University branch hosted one of the three regional hustings for the national executive elections. Each candidate made an opening statement and took Q&As

Conference 2019

Posted 15th Feb 2020
Author David Corish

The Maynooth delegation had a fantastic weekend at conference this year. Much debate and discussion was had.

LEAD General Election Debate

Posted 15th Feb 2020
Author David Corish

Our very own Robert O'Donnell was proud to have represented Labour at the LEAD general election debate earlier this week. An excellent opportunity to convey our policies. Robert's strong performance was reflected by the following poll of students. 29% of those who attended voted that Labour won the debate, 2nd only to Sinn Féin.

Young Workers’ Guide

Posted 27th Apr 2016
Author Young Workers’ Network

Labour Youth Wants to End Pay Di

Posted 27th Apr 2016
Author Grace Williams


Labour Youth is launching a new campaign to end pay discrimination.
The aim of this campaign is to end the sub-minima rates of minimum wage for young people, which sees young people paid a lower rate of minimum wage solely on the basis of their age. It also wishes to tackle the entry level pay for public sector workers.

National Chairperson, Grace Williams commented, “It is imperative that the issues of fair work and decent pay is kept at the top of the agenda. Currently, under National Minimum Wage legislation, workers under the age of 18 are only entitled to 70% of the minimum wage, with workers over 18 only being entitled to 80% and 90% of the minimum wage in their first and second years of employment. These rates of pay are based solely on age.

“We also want to reverse the cut to public sector pay introduced in 2009 which saw a 10% cut in wages for new entrants. We must end these discriminatory pay rates for our nurses, Gardaí and teachers.

“In the last government, Minister Ged Nash tasked the Low Pay Commission with reviewing the youth minimum wage rates. We must ensure that the work
of Labour in the last government in improving workers’ rights is continued, allowing workers of all ages to be paid equal wages.

“Labour Youth will be fighting to keep this issue as a priority and not let it be forgotten by those who would rather not address it.”


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