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About Enactus Society

At Enactus Maynooth, our mission is to act for the good of society - to see our work make real impacts.

We develop projects to present at the annual Enactus National Competition in May, in front of judges of Enactus partner company representatives, including KPMG, Bank of Ireland, Unilever, Abbott, etc.

We welcome everyone to join - all study backgrounds and interests!

Our society gives you the chance to:
- Travel, last year we traveled to Puerto Rico for the Enactus  World Cup!
- Meet new people (from Maynooth and other third-level institutions - Irish and international)
- Attend regular Enactus Ireland events (e.g. training sessions, leadership summits, competitions - both at home and abroad)
- Network and gain exclusive Enactus internship opportunities with the biggest names in the Irish economy

Projects you can get involved with this year:

1. FoodEase:

  • FoodEase is a project aiming to provide healthy homemade vegetarian food to students at a reasonable cost. 
  • The restaurant will be supported by students, international students in particular to ensure authenticity.
  • This project is also aiming to increase inclusivity on campus.
  • Join us to have an impact on students' lives by improving their wellness.
  • Team Leader: Hardeep Kaur Gill

2. CrowdLevee:

  • CrowdLevee is a concept social enterprise that intends to provide accurate, near real-time advance flooding warnings to communities and neighbourhoods by utilising the power of crowdsourcing local observations, backed-up by quality-controlled data that creates an extremely beneficial ‘levee’ of protection - a relevant source of information to inform those affected and other stakeholders.
  • Team Leader: Daniel O'Brien.

Past projects YOU can bring back on board:

1. Eco-Elections: 

  • Our aim is to tackle the waste generated by campaign elections. We also aim to reduce election costs rendering it more inclusive.
  • This project has been submitted for the ‘Race to Rethink Plastic’ and ‘Race for Climate Action’ Enactus Competitions.
  • Join us to create a more environmentally sustainable and socially equitable solution to election posters. 
  • Team Leader: 

2. Garbage Patch Dolls: 

  • Our aim is to create awareness for the great pacific garbage patch and other garbage patches.
  • Our Dolls will be made from recycled material that will be brightly colored.
  • This project has been submitted for the ‘Race to Rethink Plastic’, ‘Race for Climate Action’, and '1 Race 4 Oceans' Enactus Competitions. 
  • In the top 48 for the '1 Race 4 Oceans' Competition.
  • Team Leader:

3. Pinch of Sound:

  • The aim of this project is to offer a digital book of Directory with a list of contacts for beginner creatives to network, collaborate, and share their services with other beginner creatives.
  • Join us to make it easier for new creatives to make new connections.
  • Team Leader:

Find out more about these Competitions down below:

1. Race for Climate Action- https://plus.enactus.org/s/challenge/a2w3n0000033Cw4AAE/race-for-climate-action 

2. Race to Rethink Plastic- https://plus.enactus.org/s/challenge/a2w3n000004IAfhAAG/race-to-rethink-plastic 

3. 1 Race 4 Oceans- https://plus.enactus.org/s/challenge/a2w3n0000033DA3AAM/1-race-4-oceans-year-2 

At Enactus #WeAllWin 

For more information, please click the Weekly Activities link (above on mobile, on the left on desktop) 

Or reach out to us on:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/EnactusMaynooth/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/enactusmaynooth/


Hope to see you soon!


Current Committee 5
Co-Chairperson Hardeep Kaur
Secretary ENYA BYRNE
Treasurer Nicholas Russell
Public Relations Officer Sharon Adedapo
Ordinary Committee Member (name hidden)

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