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The Creative Collaboration Society aims to bring creative minds together who are passionate about their art craft and love to create. This is a society for those who wish to meet like-minded people who enjoy the same things that they do and to collaborate with other forms of art. We do not limit ourselves to just one art form – we welcome all kinds of art forms! Whether you’re a musician, filmmaker, dancer, photographer, music producer, actor, singer, rapper, scriptwriter, storyteller, videographer, YouTuber, drawing artist, painter, or poet - this society welcomes all kinds of creativity! All these arts can link to each other to create something amazing! Collaboration amongst creative people opens up a wide range of opportunities for everybody. The ultimate objective of the Creative Collaboration Society is to form long lasting friendships, encourage & boost self-confidence, have great fun and combine members’ talents to create amazing projects! Together, we can tell beautiful stories through creativity and collaboration.

Current Committee 5
Chairperson Jake Byrne
Vice Chairperson (name hidden)
Secretary Cormac Reddin
Treasurer (name hidden)
Public Relations Officer (name hidden)

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