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About Japanese Culture Society

The Maynooth University Japanese Society was founded with the intention of providing a forum in which to give expression to all kinds of Japanese Culture. We concentrate on a diverse range of topics, including literary, historical, artistic and linguistic aspects of Japanese culture, as well as Japanese cuisine. It is our objective to appeal to as varied an interest as possible, and to that end we encourage our members to give expression to any area of Japanese culture that they might be personally interested in. We aim to assist our members in attaining a broad understanding and appreciation for Japanese Culture in all its complexities and subtleties. As well as this, every year we work alongside the Japanese Embassy in Dublin, welcoming foreign students from Japan into Maynooth University through our society and allowing us to diversify our views on modern Japanese culture and the perseption of its appreciation. Finally, we see ourselves as the promoters of Japanese culture on campus, and therefore strive to ensure the continuation of Japanese language classes and other distinctly Japanese activities in our university.

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