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Circus Society is a collection of people who come together to learn new skills and teach others their own. A community effort to help one another improve, revolving around the goals of fun, self improvement and performance. Come and learn how to or improve all sorts of circus. Absolutely everyone is welcome. Juggling balls or clubs, hula hoop, diablo, poi, handstands and acrobatics, clown and character creation, and more. If You can imagine it you can do it, If you can't imagine it then its perfect for the circus. The skills and traits that circus hones and encourages have many varied and useful applications. The Social, Educational and Physical Benefits of juggling and circus are well documented. Improving creative thinking, learn to persevere in face of difficulties all while having fun. Juggling, the art of manipulating patterns in free space using props, is our main tool to achieve these goals, but the term Circus encompasses more than just this. Circus means using whatever you want to impress, amaze and inspire.

Current Committee 3
Chairperson (name hidden)
Secretary Eva

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