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Clubs Management Committee

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About Clubs Management Committee Service

The Clubs Management Committee has been established to encourage, promote and develop Club life on campus and will be made up of  Maynooth University staff and students. 

This Committee will:

•Recommend Clubs budget allocation to the Clubs & Societies Committee for approval.

•Initiate, Draft and Recommend Clubs policies or policy amendments for approval by the Clubs & Societies Committee.

•Review and make decisions on Clubs Special Events applications.

•Recommend to the Clubs & Societies Committee what Clubs are to be ratified (as new Clubs) or de-ratified each year.

•To oversee the decision-making process for the Clubs section of the Clubs & Societies Awards.

•To liaise with any national bodies (including Student Sport Ireland) in relation to matters that concern Clubs life.

The following is the membership of the committee:

  • 6 Student Reps from each category
  • MU Sports Officer
  • MSU VP for Student Life
  • MU Clubs & Societies Co-Ordinator

The Categories are as follows:

  • Development Rep
  • Field Rep
  • Court Rep
  • Martial Arts Rep
  • Individual Rep
  • Outdoor, Adventure & Water Rep


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